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Hi, this is Clara, the creator of gardengild.com, I’m a horticulturist by profession.

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I learned the basics of gardening from my dad in childhood, and the due luck drove me to pursue an advanced degree in horticulture science from the University of Florida. Now, I’m working as an Extension Associate in Horticulture in NJ.

I have published more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles in my research career and many more to come in recent years. Apart from the degrees and publications, I have got 30 days of training on fertilizers, pest management,and weed control.

As a research professional, I need to study, research and write a lot. One day, while researching for some gardening-related information, I was shocked! There isan acute shortage of authentic information on the web related to important gardening issues. Immediately, I came up with the idea of starting a blog on gardening.

In this gardengild.com, I will share important aspects of gardening and hear from you guys about your positives and hurdles on gardening.

Let’s make the world greener together!

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