Can i use too much neem oil on plants? – [Answered!)

Many plant lovers prefer neem oil since it is extracted naturally. But something unknown to these people is that you cannot use too much neem oil on your plants.

Neem oil is extracted from the seed of the neem tree. It has been found that oil from these seeds works as an insect repellent. Instead of using pesticides and insecticides, people use neem oil as it is completely harmless for plants.

I will discuss everything you need to know about neem oil in this article. 

Can you use too much neem oil on plants

Can you use too much neem oil on plants?

If you are not careful, you can use too much neem oil on your plants which will harm your plants. Too much neem oil or a high concentration is equally harmful to your plants.

Neem oil is beneficial when dealing with insects like aphids, grubs, bagworms, and termites. Neem oil has an active ingredient called azadirachtin. The active ingredient works as natural pesticides to perish insects from your plants.

Considering all the benefits of neem oil, people will use too much neem oil. But too much neem oil will harm your plants. Using too much neem oil on plants will form a layer over the leaves and block those leaves from producing food for your plants. Applying too much neem oil could damage the roots of your plants. 

How much neem oil is safe to use on plants?

The correct measurement for neem oil can be hard to predict since it depends on many factors. You cannot use too much neem oil on small plants and vegetables. You also need to understand the amount of infestation on your plants and make a mixture out of neem oil.

The common mistake that many make is to apply neem oil directly from the container. The best measurement you can follow while using neem oil is to mix one tablespoon of neem oil with a gallon of water.

You can spray the mixture over your trees and roots. It will not cause any harm to your plants since the neem oil is diluted with water. 

How often can you use neem oil on plants?

Neem oil has been the best natural insecticide for decades. Even though neem oil is naturally extracted oil, you should not apply it too much. The proper way to use neem oil is to mix it with water and apply it to the pest-infested trees once a week.

Neem oil is a powerful insecticide that will kill pests in contact. Look carefully, and if you see pests around your tree, you must spray again. There are chances that a few insects might not come in contact with neem oil, and you might have to spray again. 

Can neem oil damage a plant?

Can neem oil damage a plant

Yes, neem oil can damage a plant. Neem oil is super effective against pests affecting your garden or lawn. With the proper use of neem oil, you can kill all the pests in one go. Too much use of neem oil will damage your plant.

Excess neem oil can burn the foliage of a plant. It will affect plants from making their food. You can see the visible change on the leaves of a tree when you use excess neem oil. The leaves will turn yellow, indicating the pigments are already dead. 

Can I use neem oil every day on plants?

No, you cannot use neem oil every day on your plants. Although neem oil is a natural insecticide, there are consequences when you use it excessively. Excess use of neem oil will make a cover on the leaves and stop the leaves from receiving sunlight to make food for plants.

If you are worried about your plants, you don’t need to use neem oil daily. Applying neem oil once a week is enough to kill all pests. Make sure the neem oil reaches all parts of the trees. 

Do you rinse neem oil off plants?

Yes, you can rinse neem oil off the plants. If you are someone who has applied too much neem oil and the leaves of your plants have started to turn yellow, don’t worry because you can wash them off with the help of a damp cloth and water.

First, wash the leaves with a damp cloth to remove the excess neem oil. Then rinse off the leaves with water. Repeat this process until the neem oil wears off. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which plants do not like neem oil?

Although every plant likes neem oil, few plants will have a different effect on them. You should not use neem oil on plants like dill, parsley, basil, cilantro, or thyme.

There are other examples like spinach, peas, and lettuce, where you cannot use neem oil since it will burn their foliage. 

How long does neem oil last on plants?

Neem oil doesn’t last long on plants. Neem oil will last about 2-3 days before the effect starts to wear off. Neem oil will dry after you apply it to plants but it will get washed away when it rains. 


Neem trees and neem oil have been the cure for many treatments. Neem oil is an excellent example of the magnificent neem tree. Now you can apply not only neem oil on your skin but also on your plants to protect them from insects. 

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