Do garden lizards eat plants? (keep lizards from eating my plants)

Can you see anyone and guess by his face that what he eats? He may be accustomed to following only vegetarian diets or having from animal sources. Again, he may prefer both!

You can accept any of his preferences as he belongs to an omnivorous family.

Similarly, those bizarre-looking lizards, which can change their color at times, can let you fall in thinking about what they eat!

For this case also, you have to consider them by their herbivorous or carnivorous nature.

Again, if you have a garden about which you are highly sensitive, you have an even higher chance to meet those lizards.

And, the chances become even more to hit with such questions like, do garden lizards eat plants?

Not really, because lizards are mainly insectivorous that lives by eating insects. Those garden lizards will survive by finding all those insects that remain on your lawn and thus benefitting you. But, they may sometimes eat your plants while looking for insects, which is a case of rarity.

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In this garden gild guides we’ll discuss the following:

  • Do lizards eat plants in your garden?
  • Do garden lizards eat other lizards?
  • What lizards eat plants only?
  • How do I keep lizards from eating my plants?
  • What smell do lizards hate?
  • Are lizards bad for your garden?
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Do lizards eat plants in your garden?

Eating habit varies from species to species in terms of any animals. The same thing applies when it comes to the lizards found in your garden. And, these lizards are also divided mainly into hundreds of species.

So, you really cannot figure out the lizard that you saw in your garden will live through eating plants or the insects that harm your lawn.

Most of the lizards that you see around live by feeding on insects. So, you will want them to reside on your lawn as by this both you and the lizards are highly benefitted.

But that’s not how easily it works. Many complexities are rounding their food habits, one of which is dependence over their species mentioned earlier. Their food taste also varies depending upon the size and age.

With that being said, most of them will love to find all those insects crawling around your lawn and eat them up. Again, they also live by eating mainly the ants and mosquitoes.

A further of the insects like beetles, lawn grubs, earthworms, and many other types of worm fall in their favorite menu.

As a result, your plants are saved from the attack of various pests and insects. But, many a time, garden lizards themselves become hazardous for your plants.

So, you cannot give any guarantee to your beloved plans on their safety.

Garden lizards, which are primarily on their smaller sides, are harmful to your plants. The smaller the lizards, the more is the probability of risks for your plants. More giant lizards depend more on insects. The more they grow mature, their dependence also increases more upon the insects.

Also, the lizards that mainly feed on the insects can harm your plants during the process. In finding those tiny creatures, they sometimes mitigate their hunger by consuming plants.

But, again, insects that stay on the leaves of plants are eaten by those lizards, and while doing so, they also end up damaging the leaves.

As a result, destruction on your lawn is inevitable, but the damage they cause to your plants is very minimum. So, many times you can see your property getting damaged in front of your own eyes by those garden lizards.

Do garden lizards eat other lizards?

Yes, such kinds of weird things are accepted from the family of lizards. Of course, by now, you already know their diet chart and all those items they prefer to eat and live by. But, you haven’t still heard about one more strange fact about them.

And, that is, they eat their brothers as their favorite food item and thus securing one of the vicious tags in nature. But, this thing does not apply to all types of lizards that you find around yourself.

You can even find such lizards that easily. You’ll have a hard time digesting the fact and investigating the source of this fact by looking for them.

Lizards that eat other lizards are the wild ones and can only be found in forests. This type of lizard mainly prefers other lizards as their favorite diet. Also, they don’t even hesitate to consume their species.

Such examples of the lizards are from the species known as Collared lizards. Along with having lizards, various insects are also eaten by them.

What lizards eat plants only?

In short, you know that all those lizards that are significantly smaller in size love to eat plants. However, among them, some exist which are pure herbivores and only prefer plants for their survival.

Examples of such lizards are:

1. Green Iguana:

Green Iguana

Green Iguana is from the genus of reptiles, known as the lizards that unfortunately live on plants. Their total diet consists of only vegetarian sources. As a result, it makes them entirely herbivorous.

2. Cyclura Iguana:

Cyclura Iguana

This type of lizard is also similar to the green Iguanas by many folds. But, their uniqueness drags them into being an omnivorous animals. Which means they fed on almost everything that surrounds them. That also includes all the plants, animals, insects, and so on.

But some of their other species only live by eating the plants only.

3. Rhinoceros Iguana:

Rhinoceros Iguana

Rhinoceros iguanas are found on huge rocks. Their large body frame makes them adapted to a vegetative diet so that they can maintain it. The lizards also come with great color combinations, which are due to the nutrition of plants.

Again, some of their species can have meat, but the more they are provided with heart, the greater is the probability of their harm. That is because of their intolerance to excessive proteins, which can lead to kidney problems.

How do I keep lizards from eating my plants?

You can always go for the home remedy to do such jobs. Many solutions to your garden are just dramatically hidden in your kitchen.

How do I keep lizards from eating my plants?

With that being said, apply a hot saucy spray all around your plants, which must be prevented. But, keep in mind that you shouldn’t directly apply them to your plants. Just spray them evenly and safely.

The effects of that spray will blow your mind by keeping the lizards always from your plants. One more thing that needs to be fixed is that you should go for scheduled spraying as the sprays will blend into nature after a specific time.

What smell do lizards hate?

For the best result that ever exists, use your favorite type of pepper for your garden. That is a must to make those lizards super irritated. Smells emitting by them will disturb them so much, which are highly hated by the lizards.

Besides, lizards also don’t like the strong smells emitted by hot sauce and cayenne. So remember to put those pepper on a portion of water and pour them around your garden, which is enough to force out the lizards from your lawn.

Are lizards bad for your garden?

Actually, no! Lizards are, in fact, good for your lawn as most of them will help you by eating all those harmful insects. Even the one that eats plants doesn’t cause that much harm to your property as those small complete herbivorous insects can do.

Your garden lizards will clear out those insects for most of the time and work as automatic insecticides.

So, you shouldn’t be getting rid of them unless they become highly vulnerable in quantity!

1. Are garden lizards poisonous to dogs?

No, garden lizards do not contain any toxic elements that can harm your dogs in any way. But, some bacteria are released by specific species of lizards that can leave your dogs with a bacterial infection. Then, again, random dogs can suffer from parasitic attacks by feeding on their feces.

2. Do lizards eat anything other than bugs?

The species of lizards will tell you what they eat! That is to say; those garden lizards will not stay limited to only the bugs and insects. They also eat various fruits and plants. For example- the bearded dragon species of the lizards live on eating vegetables altogether instead of insects.

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Do garden lizards eat plants? Final Thoughts

Garden lizards mainly prey on pests and insects of the garden; they don’t eat or harm garden plants.

In fact, garden lizards eat some harmful insects, and for maintaining a proper ecosystem in the garden, lizards are blessings in some instances.

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