Do Grub Worms Attract Moles – Do moles like worms?

Yes, grub worms can attract moles in your backyard.

Are you someone who has been bothered by grub worms and moles? Well, you are not the only one suffering. Many people have faced the same problem; as they say, one problem is giving birth to a new one.

If there are grub worms in your soil, moles will get attracted to them. But not to worry because I am here to let you know the leading causes of the problem and the best way to get rid of your trouble. 

Do grub worms attract moles?

Do grub worms attract moles?

Yes, grub worms do attract moles. Among the animal kingdom, the mole is one of the animals that does not live on plants. Instead, moles live on insects and worms. Grub worms are one of the favorite food sources of moles. So if you have grub worms in your yard, there is a high chance that moles will be attracted to your yard. 

You should not only consider moles as an alarming situation but the grub worms as well. Grub worms can be tricky to deal with.

Grub worms are not like regular worms that you can find in soils. Instead, if you have grub worms, you should take this more seriously. Grub worms attract other feeding animals like moles, birds, racoons, and skunks and are also harmful to your soil.

What grub worm does is feed on the roots of the grass, which can lead to low soil integrity. Don’t be surprised if you see your soil coming off as large patches because that is exactly what grub worms will do to your soil. 

What do moles eat?

Since moles are expert diggers, their primary food source comes from the soil. But the diet of moles doesn’t consist of green plants. Moles’ diet consists of insects and worms available inside the ground like grub worms, earthworms, snails, spiders, and other insects. Among all these insects and worms, what moles like are grubs, earthworms, and insects. 

An adult mole will require about 40-50 pounds of energy per year from grubs, earthworms, and insects. Although these insects and worms might not look much, they are high in proteins which is exactly what moles are looking for. 

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Will killing grubs get rid of moles?

Yes, killing grubs will eliminate moles since it is the easiest thing to do once you notice some white, big, fat worms under your loose soil.

However, grubs can be challenging to deal with without knowing the proper way of getting rid of them. Below are things you need to know and steps to get rid of grubs once you notice them. 

It is important to know the time of the year when you see grubs around you because it will tell you which products to use on them as those products will work best around certain times of the year. 

  • If you notice grubs anywhere between May-August, remember to spread Imidacloprid in your yard to get quick relief from these worms.
  • If you find grubs anywhere during spring or fall, use carbaryl or trichlorfon in your yard. 

If you are confused about which insecticides to use, you can check the label and instructions of the containers and figure out the correct time to use those products.

The products can come in liquid or solid forms, so select the one that suits you. Make sure to buy a product that works on active grub worms, as that is what we will be dealing with.

These products work best when made into a watery solution by mixing the product in water and then spreading it on the soil. The soil will soak up the water and eventually kill all the grub worms beneath the soil. 

Does grub control prevent moles?

It is not hundred percent certain that you can prevent moles from entering your ground by controlling grubs since grubs are not the only food sources of moles. Similar to grubs, moles are also like earthworms and other insects.

But by controlling grubs, you can greatly reduce the chances of moles entering your ground. Now that your ground has fewer food sources for moles, they might not consider entering your yard. 

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Do moles eat earthworms or grubs?

Moles eat both earthworms and grubs as both are favorite food sources for moles. It can be hard to control earthworms as they can leave anywhere under your yard and can hardly be seen above ground. But grubs are different.

Although grubs live underground, they can be found easily. Notice the texture of your ground. If the ground is bouncy, there are grubs under it. Getting rid of grubs will greatly reduce the chance of moles entering your ground. 

people also ask (FAQs)

Do moles eat chafer grubs?

Since moles are carnivorous and their diet mainly consists of worms and insects, they eat chafer grubs. Any type of grubs and insects that inhabit the soil are moles’ favorites. It is possible to find molehills across your yard if you live in rural areas. 

Do moles mean grubs?

Moles and grubs are two separate things and have nothing in common. Moles are carnivorous animals that are native to the soil. These animals’ main diet consists of worms and insects, which they find in the soil. Moles are expert diggers, making it easier to find food in the soil. Grubs are worms that are a part of moles’ diet. 


You cannot control grub worms once and expect them to never be seen again on your turfs. Instead, consider using pesticides once every year to ensure there are no grub worms under your feet when you walk on your lawn.

Grub worms are easy to deal with, but the damage they can infest the soil is hard to recover. Although controlling grubs can be expensive, trust me, it will be much more cost-effective than re-planting seeds on your lawn over the years. So take measures while you can, or moles will do the job for you. 

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