Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Grubs? – [easy guide]

If you have been suffering from grubs, dawn dish ‘The Amazing’ soap indeed kills grubs and will do it effectively. Grubs are more of a disease than a problem for your lawn. Consider yourself the luckiest man on earth if you do not know what grub is or have never encountered one.

Grub worms are larval stages of bugs of different species of beetles. But the grubs that will infest your lawn belong to a species of beetles called Japanese beetles. In reality, a grub is not considered a worm but a larva.

In this article, I will discuss the possible ways to get rid of grubs and the best methods for doing so. 

Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Grubs

Does Dawn dish soap kill grubs?

Yes, dawn dish soap will kill grubs under your lawn. It has been the best home remedy that people have been using for decades now. The method is so effective that the solution will not leave grubs until they expire.

These soapy solutions work by coating the grub with this soapy mixture and making the grubs suffocate. It is so effective that the combination has the potential to kill grubs in a couple of minutes.

It even can last for a long time. When all the grubs are dead, the effect will wear off after 24 hours; making sure no grubs can survive when you are applying insecticidal soap to make the solution.

But it is recommended to use dish soap as it can rupture the intercellular membrane of insects with soft shells, such as beetles. If you don’t have dawn dish soap,I recommend using insecticidal soap as a replacement. 

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What home remedy kills grubs?

Many home remedies will kill grubs, but the best, easiest and quickest one is to use excellent dish soap to eliminate grubs. 

  • Take 1-2 tablespoons of your dishwashing soap.
  • Mix the dishwashing soap in a bucket.
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Spray on your lawn where you suspect grubs to be. 

Next morning when you wake up, you will find all the grubs dead under your lawn.

What kills grubs the fastest?

The fastest way to kill grubs is by using strong pesticides. The best pesticides with the highest chances of killing all the grubs are carbaryl and trichlorfon. These two chemicals have produced the most grub-killing records among all other chemicals.

These chemicals are so effective that they can kill grubs at any stage of their lifespan. More importantly, these short-lived chemicals will wear off easily without harming any other life source under your lawn.

These chemicals are used by the professionals only when the infestation is out of control and are mostly applied from the end of winter till spring. 

Does dawn dish soap kill armyworms?

Yes, dawn dish soap will kill armyworms. Armyworms mostly feed during the morning and evening, giving us the perfect opportunity to kill them. Many people purchase pesticides and organic chemicals from online shops and nurseries to exterminate the armyworms on their lawns.

I think that is a complete waste of money. You don’t need to spend money at all when you already have the solution in your kitchen. It doesn’t take much to kill armyworms. Only a tablespoon of dish soap mixed with a gallon of water will do the trick for you. Spread the solution over your field and watch the magic. 

Does dawn dish soap kill earthworms?

Yes, dawn dish soap will kill earthworms. As you all know by now, earthworms are not harmful. Earthworms are a must for your soil. You can get rid of grubs or other worms, but ensure the method doesn’t harm earthworms. Dawn dish soap contains a chemical called Borax. Not only does it have the potential to harm earthworms but also to harm your plants. 

The best way to minimize the damage from dawn dish soap is by ensuring you do not overspray the solution on your lawn.

Grubs will die if they come in contact with the dawn dish soap, so you don’t have to soak your lawn in soapy water just to get rid of grubs. Instead, figure out the location of the grubs and apply a solution only to that place to kill the grubs. Use the solution only once as the grubs are vulnerable to dawn dish soap. 

people also ask (FAQs)

Will Sevin kill grub worms?

Yes, Sevin will kill grub worms. You can use Sevin as an alternative to insecticides. Sevin works best against grub worms but also against spiders, worms, bugs, fleas, and ticks. You can use this product as your house perimeter treatment since it can kill house insects. 

Will diluted dish soap kill grass?

Yes, diluted dish soap will kill the grass. Dish soap has a chemical to Borax which is harmful to insects and worms. And too much Borax can be harmful to your plants as well. So, instead of diluted dish soap, consider using dish soap of a smaller quality. One tablespoon mixed with one gallon of water is the right proportion. 

A good alternative for dish soap could be Potassium as it will work against bugs and worms but be gentle to grasses. 


If you are worried about your lawn and want to have a lawn, you must take action to protect your lawn from any harm. Since most of the damage is done by grubs, pay close attention to your lawn, mainly from the spring to winter and early summer.

During these seasons, the grubs are most active and looking for food under your lawn. You can occasionally dig small holes to see the condition of your lawn at any place where you think grubs might be.

The area where grub infestation occurs is visible to human eyes since that part of your lawn will rise, and when you walk on that portion, it will feel bouncy.  Don’t hesitate to use strong pesticides if you need to as your lawn and the plants will be able to survive after the grubs are exterminated permanently. 



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