Does DynaTrap kill bees? NO! (Detailed)

DynaTrap is a reliable insect-killing trap, and the users have loved it. But, DymaTrap does not kill bees.

DynaTrap is a leading product in North America where it has been created to deal with leading mosquitoes. After some time, it has been found that DynaTrap can be used to deal with other insects but not honeybees.

In this article, I will discuss DynaTrap and how you can use it to your benefit. 

Does DynaTrap kill bees

Does DynaTrap kill bees?

No, DynaTrap does not kill bees.

The reason why DynaTrap does not work on bees is because of its mechanism. DynaTrap, a top-selling product in North America, works by attracting bees with the warmth that the device creates. Bees, during their pollination stage, don’t need that warmth.

Bees are busy collecting nectar from flowers they bring back to their hide. The process goes all around the year. 

Does DynaTrap work?

Yes, DynaTrap works. It is a fantastic insect catcher that can trap and kill insects. DynaTrap works excellent when you place it in a field where it traps moths and wasps. The best time to use DynaTrap is during the night.

During the daytime, the insects get plenty of warmth from the sunlight, making DynaTrap less efficient. At night, when there is no heat source, the warmth from the DynaTrap attracts the insects.

People using DynaTrap have reviewed that it helps catch a lot of wasps and moths during the night and sometimes catches mosquitoes. 

Do you leave DynaTrap on all the time?

You can leave DynaTrap on all the time, but that will not be less efficient. According to users, DynaTrap works best when you use it during nighttime. The light and heat from the DynaTrap are capable of gathering a lot of bugs towards it.

Again if you have too many bugs around your field, you can use DynaTrap all day. DynaTrap is very cost-efficient.

Using DynaTrap 24/7 for an entire month will cost you around $2, which is cheap. DynaTrap is also cheaper as it does not use propane, unlike other traps. DynaTrap uses carbon dioxide to get rid of bugs for you. 

Does DynaTrap kill the bugs?

Yes, DynaTrap will kill the bugs for you. It is an easy-to-install device and easy to maintain as well. All you have to do is place the DynaTrap around your field and power it. The trap will gather bugs inside it.

The trap will attract bugs towards it, and when they are close enough, they will be sucked inside with the help of a powerful fan built inside the trap. The fan will make sure no bugs can escape when they are inside the DynaTrap. Within a few days, the bugs will die.

The trap needs to be cleared once a week, and you might find some bugs alive when you do so. It is not because the trap failed to kill them but because it recently caught those bugs. So you need to kill those bugs, or they will be released into the environment. 

Does DynaTrap kill wasps?

Does DynaTrap kill wasps

Yes, DynaTrap does kill wasps, but there are chances that wasps will not get attracted to the DynaTrap. DynaTrap uses UV light and heat to attract the bugs. DynaTrap has been effective against bugs like moths, wasps, and mosquitoes.

It is effective against wasps because once a wasp comes near the trap, it will trap it without fail, but there are chances that the wasp will not get attracted to the trap.

Wasps do not react like the other bugs and might ignore the light and heat from the DynaTrap. But they are curious to check it and get stuck in the process. It’s been reportedly found that DynaTrap catches lots of wasps, moths, and sometimes mosquitoes. 

When should I stop using DynaTrap?

You can stop using DynaTrap once you notice fewer bugs roaming your field. The traps will be less effective after 8-10 weeks of using them when you notice fewer bugs around your field.

I would recommend you not stop using DynaTrap. If you stop the DynaTrap, the population of insects will increase without your conscience. It might get to a point where it cannot control the trap. Stopping the DynaTrap will allow more insects to take over your property. 


DynaTrap is both effective and cost-efficient when you use them correctly. You can use them all year without being worried about any expenses. DynaTrap is super efficient and does not use too much electricity.

But there is one downside of this product. The light bulb that emits UV light and heat will need to be replaced after 3-4 months which is not that expensive. But it can be expensive if the light goes out frequently.

Apart from this downside, DynaTrap is a fantastic product and has been a satisfying product over the years, and I highly recommend you to try it.

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