Does GrubEx kill armyworms? – (rules to control armyworms)

If someone is having a hard time dealing with armyworms, you are not alone. But not to worry, since you can get rid of armyworms with the help of GrubEx.

Armyworms are larvae of moths that can be found in grasses. These worms are similar to caterpillars and don’t harm living beings. 

Armyworms feed on your grass and sometimes damage your vegetables like beans, corn, cabbage, pepper, and onions. The infestation spreads quickly. It is hard to find armyworms roaming alone since many armyworms will spread over your place.

Not to worry because I will discuss how to get rid of armyworms in this article. 

Does GrubEx kill armyworms

Does GrubEx kill armyworms?

Yes, GrubEx does kill armyworms. GrubEx will work on armyworms, but it is better to apply it before the damage increases too much. GrubEx is an insecticide that helps eliminate grubs or Japanese beetles.

But you can use GrubEx for armyworms. GrubEx is safe to be used around pets, and it will kill armyworms. 

Wherever you spot armyworms, the chances of an infestation on its way are greater. It is not just the armyworms that are likely to be in your grass since there will also be other insects. You can spot armyworms if you know what it looks like.

Armyworms are generally between 1.5-2 inches long and have a light green color during their early stages and dark brown color during the adult stage. There are stripes of yellow, green, and brown over their body.

How long does it take to kill GrubEx to kill armyworms?

GrubEx is an effective insecticide that has killed grubs and beetles for decades. You can also use GrubEx to eliminate armyworms since the active ingredient inside GrubEx will work on armyworms.

But I would recommend you not to use GrubEx to treat armyworms. Although GrubEx will get rid of armyworms for you, it will harm your vegetation. Armyworms are found in grasses and crops and GrubEx will harm your greeneries.

GrubEx is used for grubs is that grubs will feed on the roots of your plants and leave dead plants behind. Since no plants are alive where grubs are present, you can apply GrubEx. 

What is the chemical composition of GrubEx?

The traditional GrubEx used to have 0.08% of Chlorantraniliprole. The company changed the active ingredient and made use of carbaryl. When GrubEx is applied to pests, it reacts with the body of the pests.

Since larvae don’t have much protection around their skin, GrubEx works by using carbaryl as a poison to kill the larvae. The ingredient is capable of killing pests in contact.

2 best insecticides for killing armyworms

What are the best insecticides for killing armyworms

Among many products you can find online, the 2 main insecticides work best for killing armyworms. 

1. Sevin

Sevin is the name of a brand selling one of the most reliable insecticides of all time. Sevin is used to killing more than 500 types of insects worldwide. Sevin used carbaryl as their active ingredient to deal with pests around the house.

Sevin is not only to keep pests away from your lawn but also can be used as a repellent. The best part about sevin is that you can use it on crops, and it is environment friendly. Sevin will not get washed away by rain and will last for a long time. Using sevin is an inexpensive way to deal with pests. 

2. Talster pro

It is made to specifically deal with armyworms and 60 other pests around your home. Taster pro uses Bifenthrin as an active ingredient. It is so effective that you will see armyworms surfacing after 15 minutes of spraying. It is also the best choice for professionals as well. 


Armyworms are easy to deal with when you spot them early on. There are slim chances that your lawn will fix after an armyworm infestation. If you notice an increasing amount of moths around your lawn, the chances of an infestation are high.

Whether or not your plants will grow depends on the roots of the plants. If the roots are firm, your plants will start to grow. 

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