Does Home Defense kill roaches? YES! Here’s how

Home Defense is a product designed specifically to get rid of bugs indoors and outdoors without leaving behind any trace of pests. Many bugs take shelter in our house. Some of them are ants, roaches, and spiders.

In these situations, the best thing you can do is use Home Defense since it will eliminate every bug in your house.

In this article, I will share more about using Home Defense to kill roaches. So make sure to read the whole article to get a clear understanding. 

Does Home Defense kill roaches

Does Home Defense kill roaches?

Yes, the Home Defense does kill roaches.

Roaches are one of those pests that nobody wants in their house; they are still found everywhere. You will find them in drawers, kitchen sinks, corners, and many places. Roaches are hard to deal with since they can multiply their numbers without signs or traces.

But fortunately, roaches cannot be saved from the hands of the Home Defense. The spray is a long-term solution against your house roaches and other types of bugs. It will kill on contact and will serve as a barrier against insects.

All you have to do is apply it in an area where you expect their presence. The results will be visible to you in no time.

What is the best Home Defense against roaches?

Among many companies manufacturing Home Defense, the most reliable Home Defense is Ortho Dial N Spray. It is made by an Ortho company that has been dominating the market for many years.

Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer for Liquid Weed and Insect Killer, Fungicide, Fertilizer with 14 Dilution Settings

Product Information 
Product Dimensions 3.91×9.83×7.62 inches.
Product weight 11.2 ounces.
Manufacturer Ortho
Country of Origin USA
Discontinued by manufacturer No

2 common Step to get rid of roaches permanently

What permanently kills roaches

It is quite challenging to kill roaches permanently. Even after using many chemicals, people have complained that they still see roaches around their houses.

It is not because of the chemicals that have lost their effectiveness but what’s helping the roaches to survive. Roaches seek shelter inside your house to save themselves from predators. Your house provides them with the perfect environment.

Roaches prefer wet places like pipes and sinks. This is where they are mostly found. You can do two things to get rid of roaches permanently. 

1. Eliminating their food sources

Use airtight containers to store food in your refrigerator. Clean up the places where food has scattered.

After finishing your meal, make sure to clean the place properly. Do not leave dishes overnight on your kitchen sink. Wash them when you finish your food.

After cutting vegetables or meat, clean up the cutting board and knives. You should use plastic bags to keep all your waste and tie the bag every night since roaches feed on them. 

2. Closing all the entryways

Repair cracks, holes, broken pipes, wardrobes, shelves, and sinks to close all the entryways of roaches. Repair window cracks and removes broken items from your house.

Keep places clean, and don’t crowd your house with unnecessary stuff. Do proper cleaning once a week and set up traps and sprays around the corners of your house. 

Does Home Defense Kill German roaches?

Yes, the Home Defense does kill German roaches. The Home Defense will eliminate all indoor bugs, including spiders and ants. It is the best Defense for your house against unwanted insects.

Home Defense is so effective that applying it once will make your house pest-proof for over a year. 


Roaches are bugs that inhabit the dark areas of your house and are often found in the middle of the night feeding on the wastes. There is no benefit to having roaches in your house rather than losses. Roaches are capable of making a human sick.

Roaches carry bacteria that will cause food poisoning. Other diseases like typhoid fever and dysentery are common diseases spread by roaches. These diseases can be life-threatening to children. You should take immediate action if you have kids in your house.

Luckily roaches are easy to deal with during winter, and you should be prepared to kill all roaches from your house. 

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