Does Home Defense Kill Termites? – guide to control Termites

Termites are devastating bugs that can take over your house in the blink of an eye. These pests can cause miserable damage to your property. Even though termites damage your furniture, the home defense will get rid of termites for you.

Termites are bugs that have similarities with ants. But there is a color difference between these two bugs. Termites are white and can be hard to spot since they build their house deep inside the woods.

In this article, I will discuss using home defense to kill termites. So read the full article to know the best solutions for termites. 

Does Home Defense Kill Termites

Does Home Defense kill termites?

Yes, the home defense does kill termites once and for all. Termites are unusual bugs with a complex digestive system that allows them to feed on wood.

Although it is good news for nature, it can prove costly to house owners. There is no best way to deal with termites except for home defense. You can call specialists to deal with this problem after you have found traces of termites in your house.

Getting professional assistance will cost you money rather, you can simply solve the problem using a home defense. 

It is hard to spot termites since they build their house deep inside the furniture. You can trace termites when you look for holes in your furniture. Termites feed on the furniture’s bottom part as people hardly go to check those places. There can be tubes that lead into your furniture.

Another way to look for termites is whether you see powdered woods on the floor. Termites are most likely feeding on your furniture while spilling their food. 

What is the composition of Home Defense?

Home Defense has been a reliable and long-lasting solution for many families. Its main chemical compositions are 0.05% of Bifenthrin and 0.0125% of Cypermethrin and other unspecified ingredients that the company has been using for the time being. Home defense comes with various instructions that will keep others safe if you follow. 

How do you use Ortho Home Defense for termites?

Ortho home defense is easy to use. Apply ortho home defense where you have discovered termites. Ortho home defense is available in liquid form, which you can apply over the termites-affected areas. You can safely use the liquid over foundations, fences, furniture, and wood piles.

You can apply the Ortho Home Defense anytime. It doesn’t have to be a special time or place when you can apply it over your belongings.

Ortho Home Defense guarantees you to kill on contact. You can apply it once and do not need to worry for months. Once Home Defense is applied, it will last about a year.

How to use Ortho Home Defense (Easy DIY) >> Check out the video below:

Can bug spray kill termites?

When it comes to bug spray, it is not reliable because it works on certain types of bugs. Different companies use different types of active ingredients that help to kill bugs.

Some bug sprays are designed with less powerful ingredients as they are built for special types of bugs like ants and roaches. You can use them on termites to see if they work, but it wouldn’t be as reliable as Ortho Home Defense.

Ortho Home Defense guarantees you to get rid of bugs like termites, ants, roaches, bees, centipedes, beetles, scorpions, hornets, etc. 


Termites will harm you whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The best solution for you could be using a home defense to help you eliminate these bugs. There is no harm in applying it over different surfaces, but ensure to keep the containers out of reach from children and pets. 

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