Does Sevin kill spider mites? [Kill & control spider mites]

Spider mites are plant-eating spiders that can quickly infest your trees. Spider mites are devastating pests that can take over your garden without you noticing them.

These pests will feed on 180 plants, and you might already have them in your garden. They are their favorite plants like tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, melons, and many other fruits and flower-bearing trees.

Sevin can kill spider mites. It is a powerful insecticide that works on almost all types of pests. Although there are many other insecticides to get rid of spider mites, Sevin is the easiest solution.

I will discuss spider mites in this article, so make sure to read to the end. 

Does Sevin kill spider mites

Does Sevin kill spider mites?

Yes, Sevin kills more than 120 types of pests that are constantly hurting your plants, and spider mites are one of them.

Many people confuse themselves about what exactly Sevin is.

Sevin is a brand name that sells this pesticide’s main chemical component. Carbaryl is the main ingredient that the company uses.

The chemical belongs to the carbamate family and has been used for pest control for many years. Carbaryl is also the active ingredient in this pesticide. Still, in some products, it has been changed to zeta-cypermethrin, which belongs to the pyrethroid family.

But not to worry, since both the active ingredients are powerful enough to kill spider mites. 

Even though you know what works on spider mites, it is impossible to spot these pests. These pests are experts at hiding and cannot be seen with naked eyes. They are 1/20 inches long, whereas females are bigger than male spider mites.

Depending on their species, these pests can be in any colour between red, brown, yellow, and green. They hide under the leaves of a plant and are found in packs. 

How long does Sevin take to kill spider mites?

Sevin is a powerful insecticide that works on almost all indoor and outdoor pests, including spider mites. Since it uses a powerful active ingredient, it instantly kills all spider mites. It is labeled on the containers that work on contact.

All you need to do is apply it properly to your plants. Since spider mites hide under the leaves, use a sprayer even if the plant is small. Make sure to adjust the width and speed of the sprayer before spraying.

The best part about this fantastic insecticide is you can use it on any plant. Sevin can be used for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. It does not harm pets and humans but makes sure to wear gloves before getting your hand wet. 

This pesticide is also everlasting. Once applied to trees, it will dry in an hour or two and stick to your plants. The coating is waterproof and will last about 2-3 months. 

What kills spider mites instantly?

What kills spider mites instantly

There is no better way to kill spider mites instantly without using rubbing alcohol. If you have a large infestation over your garden and want to solve it quickly, rubbing alcohol is mandatory for you.

Rubbing alcohol works by dehydrating spider mites and successfully killing them. To do so, you must mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol in 3 cups of water and spray it on your plants. For less infestation, you can use tissue or cotton balls to rub the infested leaves with rubbing alcohol. 

Does Sevin 500 kill spider mites?

Yes, Sevin 500 will kill spider mites. The product guarantees to kill over 500 types of pests that create obstacles to the proper growth of your trees.

Sevin 500 will kill spider mites on contact and give you 3 months of protection from other pests. It comes with a cap to seal the container and can be used as a measuring cup. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why do spider mites keep coming back?

Spider mites keep coming back because you are encouraging them to return to your garden. What any pests want is to have a safe and sound environment. Without paying attention to your trees you are making your plants suitable for their habitat.

If you don’t want spider mites to return to your garden, take care of your plants, and don’t hesitate to use insecticides on your plants. 

Do spider mites live in soil?

Spider mites can live in soil as long as the soil is dry. Spider mites not only infest your plants but can also spread across your soil. I would not advise you to pay more than you need to kill spider mites.

You can use it on your plants and also on the soil. If both your plants and soil are infested, apply Sevin on both places. It guarantees you to kill on contact. 


Sevin is the solution for all your garden problems. The company has kept its words from the start and never failed to satisfy its customers’ needs. It is cheap compared to how little you can use, which will protect your plants for a long time.

On top of that, Sevin is environmentally friendly, and you can hardly find such insecticides. 

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