Does Spectracide Kill Armyworms? YES! [Explained]

If you are looking for the perfect product to get rid of armyworms, Spectracide is going to be your favorite. Spectracide insect killer is one of the most popular and reliable solutions for indoor and outdoor pests. Spectracide can help to get rid of more than 260 types of insects.

It is easy to use because Spectracide will hook up to your garden hose, and you can use it to spray your lawn.

In this article, I will list all about Spectracide and why it is so effective against armyworms. So make sure to read until the end to know everything.

Does Spectracide Kill Armyworms

Does Spectracide insect killer Kill Armyworms?

Yes, Spectracide insect killer will kill armyworms.

Spectracide is a reliable product that guarantees you to kill on contact. What makes Spectracide so effective is the active ingredient that the company has been using for a long time.

Spectracide uses 0.08% of Gamma-Cyhalothrin as its active ingredient. The strong formula helps to kill over 260 types of bugs, including ants, armyworms, mole crickets, white grubs, dung beetles, roaches, cricket, fleas, mosquitoes, moths, and many other bugs.

Spectracide is the ultimate solution for you and your family. The product is so reliable that it will help eliminate bugs above and below the ground.

Not only that, Spectracide insect killer will protect your lawn from pests for up to three months. Spectracide insect killer is safe for lawns, gardens, fruits, flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

Is Spectracide good for armyworms? What could be the best alternative?

Spectracide is not good but the best pesticide to be used against armyworms. It is reliable and environmentally friendly, making it the top choice for house owners. Spectracide is easy to use and will last about three months before you need to apply again.

After using it once, you would not require to apply it again since it will kill armyworms in contact. If you are looking for an alternative to Spectracide, try some quick home remedies I will share with you. Although home remedies are effective, there are some consequences. 

You can use dishwashing soap and water to treat armyworms. Armyworms are easy to deal with once you know the correct techniques and proper ways. Mix 2 tablespoons of dishwashing detergent with 1-gallon water and spray it on the armyworms.

Repeat this process twice a week and see the results with your own eyes. The army worms that you were so worried about are gone. The active ingredient in dishwashing soap has killed armyworms. But the problem is you can apply this solution to shrubs and flowers since the plants will die.

Dishwashing soap is very harmful to plants and has no chance of survival when there are small plants. 

Does Triazicide insect killer kill armyworms?

Yes, Triazicide insect killer does kill armyworms. Not only armyworms but also other bugs like ants, crickets, lady beetles, webworms, moths, ticks, water bugs, and many more.

Applying Triazicide is easy, and the best time to apply it is during the early morning or evening. During these times, armyworms feed on plants. It will see results in 24 hours. 

How long does it take Spectracide to kill armyworms?

How long does it take Spectracide to kill armyworms

Spectracide is super reliable since it has a powerful active ingredient that helps you get rid of bugs. Spectracide guarantees you to kill on contact.

But for the best results, you should wait a day and let the ingredients do their job. When you wake up the next morning, you will find those bugs eaten by birds. Spectracide is environmentally friendly, and it will not harm other animals. 


You can use Spectracide or Triazicide to kill armyworms, which completely depends on you.

But I would suggest Spectracide over Triazicide since Spectracide is environmentally friendly. Many products will solve your problems, but the naked eye cannot see the damage they do to our environment. So it is always better to think for yourself and the environment. 

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