Is an Egg a Fruit or Vegetable? (Answer Explained!)

We all know eggs, right? But do you know about the classification of eggs? Today I am going to present some interesting information about eggs. First, we will know what kind of food eggs are.

Now coming to the point, if an egg is a fruit or vegetable? An egg is neither fruit nor vegetable. Instead, it is a protein-rich food that is divided into individual categories of food.

In this garden gild guide we’ll discuss the following:

  • Is an egg a fruit or vegetable?
  • What are eggs classified as?
  • Is an egg meat?
Is an Egg a Fruit or Vegetable

here is the brief answer to Is an egg a fruit or vegetable?

The simple answer is that eggs are protein. It is not a fruit or a vegetable because eggs are not available from plants. We usually get eggs from ladybirds and lady animals which are not mammals. It is neither fish nor meat nor a dairy food.

As a result, eggs have an individual category.


We can see 3 parts in an egg:

  • Hardshell (10%) (Non-edible)
  • Egg membrane (60%)
  • Egg yolk (30%)

It is a complete cell that we can see with our eyes. The yolk of an egg is a nucleus in the middle of the cytoplasm.

However, the exciting thing is that eggs are a protein that hardens in contact with heat. As a result, eggs have a variety of delicious recipes. Although the white part of the egg is a protein source, the yolk also contains some fat.

Egg contains:

  • 75 calories 
  • 7-8 grams of high-quality protein 
  • 4-5 grams of high-quality fat
  • 1.7 grams of high quality saturated fat

What are eggs classified as?

Eggs are classified as a healthy and tasty protein-based food. It is neither dairy nor meat. However, eggs often go with both meat and milk in cooking and baking. The egg is only an immature animal.

When the milk is heated, it turns into steam, and when the meat is cooked with heat, it becomes soft. But when the egg is being heated, it becomes hard.

The eggs that people eat the most are chicken which is poultry. So eggs are a byproduct of chicken. From this egg, the chickens are bred. However, in unfertilized conditions, they are collected for consumption.

Is an egg meat?

In general, eggs are not meat but protein-rich food like meat. Therefore, you can meet the nutritional needs of meat like eggs without eating meat.

However, there is a debate as to whether vegetarians eat eggs. Some people consider eggs to be a part of the animal cycle and put them in the category of meat.

There are two types of vegetarians. One is Lacto vegetarian, and the other is ovo vegetarian.

Although Lacto vegetarians eat milk and dairy products, they do not consider eggs to be vegetarian because they do not label anything associated with the reproductive system as vegetarian food. Therefore, eggs do not find a place in their diet.

On the other hand, Ovo vegetarians keep eggs in their diet even if they do not allow fish or meat. However, if there are religious restrictions, it is better to avoid eggs.


I hope your knowledge about eggs has been enriched. Eggs are a very nutritious food that must be added to your diet. In addition, eggs are good food for those who want to lose or gain weight.

You can eat fried or boiled eggs and try some unique egg recipes. An egg will give you the energy to work.

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