Is chocolate a fruit or vegetable? [Benefits of chocolate]

With all the fruits and vegetables around us, chocolate is one of the best things to enjoy. Eating chocolate is indeed fun whether you are a kid or an adult.

Chocolates are sometimes offered as gifts and during Valentine’s Day. But have you ever wondered what exactly chocolate is?

Well, in this article everything will be presented about chocolates. So read till the end to find out all about chocolates.

Is chocolate a fruit or vegetable

Is chocolate a fruit or vegetable?

Chocolate is a fruit, and indeed we all believe that. However, things are different when we look at the definition in the wiki.

Chocolate is not a fruit but rather a vegetable. This might shock you after knowing that chocolate is a fruit and now the definition is something else. But the truth is chocolate is neither fruit nor a vegetable. 

Chocolate is made from the seeds of a specific fruit called cacao. The tree that bears this fruit is a cacao tree. Even though cacao is a fruit, we don’t eat the fruit. Instead, we ferment the seeds of the cacao fruit. The seeds are later dried and crushed to remove the seed’s outer layer.

Is chocolate a fruit or nut?

Chocolate is considered nuts. This is mainly because of how we get the raw ingredient for preparing chocolate. Unlike any other fruits, we cannot acquire chocolate straight from a tree. Instead, chocolate is collected from the seeds.

The seeds are about the size of an almond. It tastes really bitter since raw chocolate has no sugar added to it. But chocolates are full of proteins, makingthem a perfect and sweet treat to enjoy. 

Why is chocolate a fruit?

It is common to hear people call chocolate a fruit.

Some people believe that chocolate is collected from beans which is a wrong idea. This is mainly because chocolate is collected from fruit and not just any fruits from a cacao tree. The fruit itself is not used to make chocolate. Instead, it’s the seeds inside the fruit of a cacao tree.

The seeds are covered by the fruit, similar to a pod. These pods have around 30-50 seeds inside, used as the raw ingredient for preparing chocolate. 

Is chocolate a plant?

Plant is a term used to define an object that has the qualities to sustain the life of other living beings. A plant is not only for decoration or to balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels on the planet but also to provide us with many benefits. This means the shade, fruits, and medical benefits.

So is chocolate a plant?

It is hard to explain it this way. Chocolate comes from the seeds of a fruit from a cacao tree. So it can be said that chocolate falls under the category of plants. However, chocolate is not a direct product of a tree; instead, it is made by a few processes,providing the freshly raw ingredient for making chocolates. 

How much chocolate is produced in one plant per year?

On average, each cacao tree can produce between 2-3 pounds of chocolate per year. Each cacao tree can have about 25-30 pods per year, and pods are the fruits of a cacao tree.

A single pod can hold between 35 and 40 seeds later harvested to make chocolates. So roughly, a cacao tree can produce 1000-1200 seeds per year. 

How much does it cost to cultivate chocolate?
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How much does it cost to cultivate chocolate?

The chocolate business has shown a significant increase over the past few years. This is mainly because of the rising demand among the consumers. It costs about $20-$30 for farmer operations per kilogram of cacao production.

Certain types of cacao can cost between $6-$7 based on the region where it is coming from.

Although cacao is a profitable business, that is not the same for the farmers. Companies make a good amount of profit, and only a small amount of money is given to the farmers.


If you like the taste of chocolate, which you certainly do, it is the best treat to enjoy by yourself or with your family and friends. It is hard to find a soul who doesn’t like chocolate.

Not just that, but the health benefits that come with chocolate are also a fantastic addition to your health. For example, it has been found that chocolate has a high level of antioxidants. In addition, it can show results in lowering the cholesterol level.

A bar of chocolate has a sufficient amount of energy and can be a great addition to your diet. In addition, chocolate bars are also available in protein bars which promise to add extra proteins to your body during work, daily lifestyle, workouts, and exercises. 

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