What can I do with fallen acorns? (Quick Answer!)

During the time of fall, when you go out to inspect your lawn, you discover many unsightly views.

That may include bare spots, patches along with an acorns-filled lawn. But, if you put some real effort, you never have to tolerate a minute of dispute in the garden.

The same thing made me entangled with internal suffocations like, what can I do with fallen acorns?

The first and foremost thing you want to do with fallen acorns is taking them out of your property. But, believe it or not, you can do a ton of exciting things which are better than disposing of acorns. So try something creative that includes more artistic DIYs. 

Let us start from here.

In this garden gild guides we’ll discuss the following:

  • Why do acorns fall?
  • What can I do with fallen acorns?
  • Do I need to pick up acorns?
  • What do you do with an acorn from an oak tree?
  • Are acorns good for anything?
  • Can you use a shop vac to pick up acorns?
  • Can You Compost Acorns: Tips On Composting Acorns?
  • FAQs
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Why do acorns fall?

The falling of acorns from their trees can broadly vary on several factors, including the weather. The weather has a lot of influence on a tree in sustaining its life and for all other functionality.

If it rains too much or again if the temperature rises highly for a significant period, acorns start to drop from their trees. Too cold weather can also make this happen. These are some conditions that occur due to abnormal weather behavior.

But, for the general case, every year during the fall, acorns also start to fall from their tree and thus filling your yard with an unsighted view.

Again, acorns fall to give life to their other seedlings and trees. That is to say; they can reproduce in your lawn as they fall into the soil.

Also, if the energy expenditure while producing seeds are too much for the plants. In that case, they immediately start to give off their acorns.

The fallen acorns are not only unsightly but may also have your lawn if the lawn is mainly filled with other plants.

What can I do with fallen acorns?

What to do with them now totally depends on you. You can dispose of acorns just after picking them from your property which we would not recommend.

Again, if you have great taste and a creative mind, we would not even need to tell you what to do with them.

Instead, you can use acorns to their highest potential, such as:

1. Try to make Wreaths:

Wreaths are more of a common thing to everyone, especially during the holidays. But now, you don’t have anything to worry about as you can prepare them all time as you have the acorns!

Wreaths out of acorns are so much elegant as well as easy to made DIY. You need a wreath base for it where you will stick the acorns, give definite designs, and customize the shape.

 Also, you can add many other things along with the acorn, such as dried berries, pine cones, fired flowers, and many more. As a result, the wreath will be much more intriguing to inspect.

2. Making photo frames of Acorn:

Do you prefer photo frames at your home? Then how can you even think of wasting those acorns fallen in your yard! Instead, just pick them out and use them for a friendly and elegant-looking photo frame that can be stuck on your drawing room’s wall.

For this, you need to buy a wooden photo frame. Stick all the acorns in a row without creating any gaps for a fuller and gorgeous-looking photo frame.

If you want more of an abstract look, just put them randomly.

3. Candles:

One of the most classy yet romantic DIY you can ever make out of your acorns are candles. And the even more exciting part is that you don’t need to invest anything to do this. And the process is rapid and easy to incorporate.

You can just put some colored wax or use those tiny wax scraps of other candles into the acorns and attach a wick to it. And, in this way, you are ready to go with your beautiful-looking candles.

4. Jewelry:

How about something for wearing and seasonal look this time? Yes, you heard it right. You can even execute the acorns in a skilled way to make them a part of your wardrobe as jewelry. 

From necklaces, bracelets, to even earrings, you can make lots more traditional-looking ornaments that can enhance your sense of taste.

But one thing should be kept in mind: making jewelry out of them falls under a learning curve, which can be achieved with good determination.

Do I need to pick up acorns?

Yes, you should pick them up from your lawn. The rest of the things are left for your determination which you’ll make after hearing their effects on your property.

Do I need to pick up acorns?

Acorns are so much disturbing to your garden and can both hurt you and your lawn. Fallen acorns cause acidity in your soil surface, along with creating many holes that harm other plants.

They also give rise to their new plants, which you will have an additional responsibility to take care of.

Again, walking around your garden when acorns are fallen through everywhere can hurt your feet when stepped over them.

What do you do with an acorn from an oak tree?

You can also use the acorn back again to grow an oak tree by yourself. For this, you need to check several things and go with some correct steps.

First of all, make sure to pick them up from your lawn’s surface. Then do the floating test by immersing them in a bowl of water. One that flows on the water should be discarded. The remaining acorns should be further processed for giving rise to a new tree.

For the processing, but the healthy acorns into a container or bag that is potted with soil. Then after several weeks, check if seedlings have risen or not from the acorns. If so, then they are eligible for other cultivational processes.

Otherwise, they should be disposed into damps.

Are acorns good for anything?

Besides various creative use, you can also assist others with them. Such as-

1. Donating the acorns:

Out of your use, you can also engage them to help others. And this can be appropriately done by donating them to the local zoos. In addition, many wildlife organizations will love to have them engage those into mixtures of food for various animals.

2. Feeding them to your feathered friends:

Also, don’t hesitate to feed the birds with these fruits. They will love you.

But, it may be hard for them to crack and open. So, do this job for them by hammering those into pieces. You can further mix the parts into peanut butter and place them on cardboard. Then, hang the cardboard outside and see how the birds are thriving for them.

Can you use a shop vac to pick up acorns?

Yes, a shop vac is used to suck off all those acorns from your yard by a vacuum system. This process is an easy alternative and needs less effort to clean all those acorns from your property and get a big rid of them.

It would help if you kept in mind that Shop-vac should only be used during dry conditions so that mud or any wet leaves don’t make obstacles in their cleaning path.

Where can I dispose of acorns?

Acorns can be collected by shaking the oak trees and encouraging them to rain more acorns from your lawn which is already filled with them.

After collecting, dispose of them into nowhere other than your compost bin so that you can re-use them in terms of needs.

Can You Compost Acorns? (Tips On Composting Acorns)

Yes, acorns, when fallen on your yard, will decompose, which can be used as compost for your other plants.

When decomposed, acorns releases acids which can raise the pH level to a certain extent. You can use them as compost for all those plants that sustain themselves at a higher pH level and balance out the soil’s alkalinity.

1. Does acorn size affect the size of the tree that grows?

Yes, more giant acorns mean more probability of germination. The mass of the acorns has positive impacts on the group of roots shoots, causing broader leaves and many such things. So, it will affect the size of the whole tree.

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I have discussed what you can do with fallen acorns. There are a lot of options to avail something more exciting the people usually do.

I hope this article will help you to have a fantastic DIY time with acorns.

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