Will Sevin Kill Aphids? – best ways to get rid of Aphids

Aphids are frustrating insects as there are few plants they will spare when it comes to infestation. But the good news is that Sevin will kill Aphids.

Aphids belong to the family of Aphedoidea. Aphids are small bugs that suck on the sap of your plants. Aphids are dangerous because they can multiply themselves in a short time, and some Aphids can increase their numbers without mating.

It is better to control Aphids before an infestation, or else they can destroy your greeneries. 

Will Sevin Kill Aphids

Will Sevin kill Aphids?

Yes, Sevin will certainly kill Aphids in contact. Sevin is one of the reliable insecticides to get rid of plants’ pests. Carbaryl, which is the main ingredient, is a chemical compound that is mass produced under the name of Sevin.

Sevin works best when they come in contact with the water, which releases the active ingredient inside Sevin. Sevin has been a reliable product for pest control on plants and vegetables. 

Sevin is available to us in 3 forms.

1. Insect killer concentrate:

It allows you to spray Sevin across your field. It is helpful when dealing with an aphid infestation over a large area. The best option is to use a pump sprayer to spray this concentrate across your field, or you can spread the concentrate in a spray bottle over the infected areas. 

2. Ready To Use insect killer:

It is used for quick and easy treatments. If the infestation is on a certain area and you don’t want to spray on your other plants, simply use this to get rid of Aphids. The nozzle of the container allows you to control the spray’s width and precisely spray where you need to. 

3. Sevin insect killer spray:

It will attach to your garden hose pipe, and you can water this mixture across your field. Water is supposed to wash away pesticides but not Sevin. Mixing Sevin with water does not take away the effectiveness of Sevin. Instead, water helps to reach Sevin under the soil and reach the roots of the plants. 

What are the natural ways to Kill Aphids?

Among the many ways to kill Aphids, there are mainly two categories. They are organic or pesticides. To get rid of Aphids naturally, you must follow the organic method. 

The best and most reliable way to kill Aphids is to expose them to their predators. In wildlife, most animals and insects have predators who are always looking to meet their food crisis.

Aphids have many predators like ladybugs, green lacewings, ants and hoverflies. Their diet consists of huge numbers of Aphids. But there is an obstacle on your path and they are ants.

Aphids are a great source of food for ants and they want to protect their food sources from other predators. To keep any ant colonies away from your lawn, you need to set up baits.  

Planting trees like mint, dandelion or fennel will also help to keep Aphids away from your lawn as these plants will attract ladybirds and lacewings. The smell of garlic and onions will also help to keep Aphids away. Applying neem oil can also help you to get rid of ants and Aphids. 

How long does it take for Sevin spray to work?

Sevin has carbaryl, a neurotoxin in the form of active ingredients. This active ingredient will kill any insects when they come in contact with the physical body of the insects. You don’t need to worry about the longevity of this product as it will stay active for up to three months, and you can always reapply the product after two weeks. 

What pesticide is best for Aphids?

What pesticide is best for Aphids

If you want to rely on pesticides for your treatment against Aphids, consider using insecticidal soaps and oils in most cases. Oils that include petroleum-based oils, canola, and neem oils work best against Aphids.

These methods are safe as they cause no harm to the plants but might not be your best solution for dealing with other pests besides Aphids. In most cases, they will not have any visible effect on other insects.

If you want to deal with other pests along with Aphids, consider using Sevin. Sevin is a mass-selling product that works against Aphids and many other lawn pests. Sevin is also safe to use around plants. 

What is the easiest way to kill Aphids?

The easiest way to kill Aphids is simply to spray them with water and dish soap. The dish soap has the perfect ingredients to work against garden pests and has been a reliable solution for decades.

Aphids, on the other hand, are helpless regarding dish soap. Mix a few drops of dish soap with water and apply 2-3 times a week. Spray for 2 weeks and you will see visible changes in your garden. 


When it comes to an infestation, you should not take it lightly. Aphid infestation is one of them. Few Aphids can soon take over your garden and harm your vegetation. Whether you use pesticides or natural ways to get rid of Aphids, it is important to stop the infestation.

You can trust Sevin as it is one of the easiest and most reliable products to kill Aphids. Professional assistance is not mandatory as aphid infestation is easy to control.

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