Will Sevin kill squash bugs? – Squash Bugs Control Guide

If your garden has vegetables like cucumbers, melons, summer squash, winter squash and pumpkins, you are going to spot squash bugs.

These pests will lurk around your garden while doing enormous damage.

Luckily Sevin will work on squash bugs.

These bugs have dark skins and can grow about 5-6 inches. You may find gold and brown dots over their body. Many people mistake squash bugs for stink bugs since they look similar. Squash bugs are only attracted to cucurbit vegetables and will damage them.

I will discuss more squash bugs in this article, so read the full article.

Will Sevin kill squash bugs

Will Sevin kill squash bugs?

Yes, Sevin will kill squash bugs. Using Sevin is one of the most effective and reliable ways to kill squash bugs. Sevin is a reliable product against bugs as it can kill over 500 pests on contact.

It is safe to say that you can use Sevin on squash bugs. Sevin is so powerful that it guarantees you to kill on contact. After using Sevin on your vegetables, your garden will be bug-free for up to three months. 

How Sevin Kills Squash bugs?

Sevin has zeta-cypermethrin and bifenthrin as its active ingredient, which helps to get rid of squash bugs for you. When applying Sevin on your plants, you must spray it over your vegetables. Sevin is environmentally friendly, and it will not harm you or your plants.

Sevin will stick to your plants and when squash bugs eat those plants, the active ingredient will work as poison and kill them. You can try Sevin powder or liquid and apply them to your garden.

Once squash bugs get killed, there will be no trace of them for months. The best thing about Sevin is they do not get washed away after you water your garden or when it is raining hard. 

How long does it take for Sevin to kill squash bugs?

Sevin is super fast to work against any bug. Sevin will get rid of squash bugs for you in hours when you are dealing with them. Sevin will kill them in 3-4 hours, but I recommend you wait 24 hours for the best results. 

Will Sevin spray kill squash bug eggs?

No, Sevin will not kill squash bug eggs. For Sevin to work, bugs need to feed on them, and then the active ingredient will work as poison inside their body.

Does Sevin kill squash vine borers?

Yes, Sevin will kill squash vine borers. Insecticides with carbaryl, bifenthrin, and permethrin kill squash vine borers. 

Will Sevin dust kill adult squash bugs?

Yes, Sevin dust will certainly kill adult squash bugs. It doesn’t matter whether squash bugs are adult or young because Sevin dust will kill all squash bugs. 

How do I permanently get rid of squash bugs?

To get rid of squash bugs permanently all you need to do is follow two of my pieces of advice. They are using insecticides or using natural ways. 

1. Insecticides

Insecticides can be your best weapon against an infestation. Since squash bug infestation is common and can be hard to deal with, you will eventually use insecticides to get rid of them. But using chemicals can be harmful to your plants.

You will find many products that guarantee getting rid of squash bugs without any environmental safety. You should avoid those products. You should use products that don’t harm your plants and the environment. 

2. Neem oil

Neem oil is one of the best natural ways to eliminate squash bugs. Neem oil has been used by our ancestors and passed down to us. Neem oil will kill squash bugs and also work as a repellent against these bugs.

Neem oil is also helpful for your plants. I would suggest you use neem oil after you use insecticides. Insecticides will quickly get rid of those bugs and later rely on neem oil to nourish your plants. 


Squash bugs are devastating pests that can ruin your harvest and hard work. Instead of calling for professionals, you can deal with squash bugs yourself.

Always remember to inspect your garden properly. Squash bugs will feed on your plants in the early morning and evening. Look for dark spots on the leaves since they indicate squash bugs on your plants. 

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