Are Mealybugs harmful to humans? (You Should Know)

Mealybugs are not harmful to humans. These bugs can be found on your houseplants, which is typical. These tiny white bugs are not toxic or hostile to human beings.

It belongs to the family Pseudococcidae. These insects live in colonies and can be found both indoors and outdoors. They will harm your plants; you must remove them if you notice any in your home garden. 


Are Mealybugs harmful

Yes, they are harmful. These bugs don’t harm humans but can be harmful to your plants.

Mealybug infestation is common. They prefer warm and humid climates. They can be found under the leaves or on the stem of a plant. Although these bugs do not pose a devastating threat, an infestation can be problematic.

It has been found that some species of mealybugs have saliva, which is toxic for plants. Their numbers can rapidly increase as they prefer living in large colonies.  

Do Mealybugs bite a human?

These harmless creatures do not bite humans. These insects cover their body with a white wax. It protects them from heat and excess moisture. Cases have been found that mealybug waste has caused skin irritation and rash in allergy patients. 

Can Mealybugs get in my hair?

Yes, they can get in your hair. They can spread from clothing to your hair. It is possible when you have an infestation at your house. However, they can irritate you like rashes if you are a patient with allergies. 

Can Mealybugs live on humans?

They do not live on humans. These bugs are harmless to humans. However, some of them carry bacteria and viruses that harm plants. These bugs live on the plant sap from its leaves, stems, and sometimes fruits. 

Can Mealybugs infest my house?

These insects can heavily infest your house if not taken care of. They live in colonies, and their habitual environment is suitable for breeding. A lack of awareness can increase their population. Even if you are late to find an infestation, it is easy to get rid of them. 

Are Mealybugs bad for plants?

Yes, they can be bad for your plants. These insects survive by sucking out the sap of your plants. Things get different when an infestation occurs. Numerous bugs sucking on your plant can cause excessive loss of plant sap. This results in dead and yellow leaves. They can quickly spread to other plants. 


Although Mealybugs have an alien-like appearance, these are harmless creatures for humans. They do not cause a threat to plants unless there is an infestation. These bugs are easy to deal with. Next time when you see them, don’t hesitate to take action. 

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