Do Inchworms Have Eyes- how do worms see?

Yes, inchworms do have eyes. Inchworms have only six pairs of eyes, which can make you compare inchworms relative to spiders. Inch worms should not be considered worms since they are cold-blooded. Instead, they should be regarded as caterpillars, and caterpillars do have eyes. 

But other insects like female bagworms and springtails do not have eyes. It might sound confusing as it is impossible to imagine surviving without visions. In this harsh environment, living without watching what is around you is barely possible, and there remains the risk of predators. 

How do inchworms move?

Inchworms are from the family of larvae of moths. This can make you imagine a similarity between inch worms and caterpillars.

If so, you are correct. Since an inchworm is a larva, the movement of an inchworm is by crawling. Inchworms move by holding and gripping the surface with their front legs while moving their hind end forward. Then they grip with their rear legs and shoot forward the front part. 

How many legs do inchworms have?

Inchworms have three pairs of legs at the front end and two or three pairs at the rear end which they use for crawling on surfaces. Unlike other caterpillars, inchworms do not have that many legs, but this does not affect their movements much.

The legs are short, and they grip surfaces with the help of their legs. 

Do inchworms sleep?

Yes, inchworms can sleep. But they do not necessarily need to sleep. Inch Worms do not have much to do during this time. The inchworms are ready to turn into moths within two or three weeks. 

How are inchworms different from worms?

It is a common mistake that people make by considering inchworms and worms are the same, which they are not.

Inchworms are worms that are nothing alike. Inchworms are larvae that hatch from an egg and are later called inchworms. Inchworms have legs, while many worms do not have legs. After a short feeding period, inchworms are ready to make their cocoons and then hatch into moths.

Worms,however, hatch from eggs and do not need to form cocoons like larvae.

Many worms are found underground, and they spend the majority of their lifespan underground, while inchworms live on trees and hatch into moths. Worms lack features like legs, eyes, and wings.


Inchworms are peaceful larvae that live on plants and do not cause any major problems for us. They have beautiful colors and yellow spots on their body. There is no harm in having them around you.

But as you know, nothing is good when they are in excess, and the same for inchworms. Inchworm infestation can cost you your plants, so keeping them under control or sometimes exterminating them completely is essential. 

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