Does Grub Control Kill Earthworms? [Grub Control Guide]

Grub control can kill earthworms, and most ways to kill grubs will also kill earthworms. But that doesn’t mean earthworms are harmful to your lawn. Earthworms are much needed for your lawn.

Earthworms are worms that help your soil breathe, much like how we use oxygen for breathing. Earthworms will increase the soil aeration, structure, water movement, nutrients rotation, and plant growth of your soil.

If you are worried about earthworms and want to kill them, you should not, as they are vital for your soil nourishment. Instead, it is the grubs you should focus on, as the damage they can do to your lawn is devastating. 

Holding  earthworms on hand

Does grub control kill earthworms?

The majority of the grub control methods that we use on our lawn have the potential to kill earthworms when they come in contact with the solution. Although your target might be to kill all the pesky grubs, you might kill some earthworms.

Even the simplest and easiest solution prepared at home to exterminate grubs which includes dish soap and water will kill earthworms. But there are methods like using beer to kill grubs that will specifically kill grubs and leave all other living organisms under your lawn.

It is recommended not to use strong pesticides on your lawn without professional advice as it can kill earthworms, remove the necessary bacteria for your soil, and lower plant growth. 

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Does Bayer grub control kill earthworms?

Yes, Bayer grub control kills earthworms. Bayer grub control has been manufactured by a company that fully emphasizes bio-advanced science-based solutions that will kill pests under the soil without harming it.

The main ingredient of Bayer grub control is trichlorfon. The compound can remove numerous pests and ensure your soil is safe.

But it also includes earthworms. Worms like grubs, ants, mole cricket, armyworms, earthworms, and billbugs are great examples of how effective this compound can be against pests. Bayer grub control provides 24 hours of fast results with no lawn damage. It will kill pests only in one contact. 

Is GrubEx harmful to worms?

Yes, GrubEx is harmful to worms but in a good way. GrubEx has its reputation for being the best grub control for a long time, and the company has not disappointed their customers. The main ingredient of GrubEx is a pesticide called chlorantraniliprole.

The pesticide targets all the larval stage or any stage of worms like grubs and especially the larval stage of beetles like Japanese beetles.

GrubEx is effective against Japanese beetles, oriental beetles, green June beetles, and chafers. Luckily, GrubEx is not harmful to earthworms when applied following the label. GrubEx will mainly prevent plant root and grass damage while preventing grubs from damaging your lawn. 

Do milky spores harm earthworms?

No, milky spores do not harm earthworms. A milky spore is a bacterium that only targets white grubs. Grubs are the larval stage of beetles such as Japanese beetles. Milky spores will kill some other types of beetles in their larval stage but will not harm earthworms and other wildlife under your soil.

If you plan to eliminate all grubs under your lawn, milky spores are the perfect solution. But there is a catch. Unlike any other grub control, you can apply it on your lawn and expect a result within 24 hours of being applied, milky spores need to be under the soil for at least three years to become an effective grub killer. 

What pesticide kills earthworms?

What pesticide kills earthworms?

There are many pesticides among the pesticides family which can kill earthworms. Pesticides like neonicotinoids, sulfonylureas, triazoles, and carbamates are eminent.

Among these pesticides, carbamate is most commonly used to kill earthworms. But should you kill earthworms?

You can give reasons to kill earthworms based on how they look or how you feel about worms, but according to me, earthworms should not be killed. They are harmless worms that inhabit under your lawn while making sure your soil stays in good condition. 


Every living being deserves to survive but only when they are generous to the environment. Grubs are the most notorious worms that will harm your lawn and do no good. And some earthworms are entirely harmless and still take care of their surroundings by ensuring your soil stays in good condition.

So take my advice and do not harm earthworms. Instead, eliminate grubs, the most harmful worms for your lawn. 

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