Does Tenacity Kill Nutsedge? – kill nutsedge permanently

Tenacity is a good herbicide to kill nutsedge. For those who don’t know what nutsedge is, it is a persistent turf grass that will grow almost every season while taking up space and housing pests. You can control nutsedge using herbicides by ensuring not to harm your lawn and plants.

In this article, I will discuss ways to deal with nutsedge and the best herbicides for nutsedge. 

Does Tenacity Kill Nutsedge

Does tenacity kill nutsedge?

Yes, tenacity kills nutsedge. Tenacity effectively eliminates problems like bentgrass, crabgrass, nutsedge, broadleaf weeds, and ground ivy.

But the problem is tenacity herbicides do not ensure you get rid of all types of nutsedge. It is labeled that tenacity is used to control yellow nutsedge only. It is important to remember that when you are dealing with nutsedge, the weed is not any grass or broadleaf.

This makes nutsedge harder to deal with. Regular grass can be treated or uprooted but not nutsedge. It is also important to remember not to harm other plants when killing nutsedge. 

How do I permanently get rid of nutsedge?

To get rid of nutsedge permanently, you need to know what nutsedge does to your lawn. Nutsedge is a plant with stems that will grow on your lawn almost every time of the year. Nutsedge grows rapidly during summer and slows down in winter.

To get rid of nutsedge permanently, you must use some selective nutsedge killer. These products are available anywhere, and you don’t need to look for them everywhere. Below are the 2 best nutsedge killers that will permanently eliminate nutsedge. 

1. Sedgehammer herbicide

Sedgehammer herbicide is great for killing yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge growing on your lawn. Sedgehammer herbicide has halosulfuron-methyl as an active ingredient that works on nutsedge.

The active ingredient can get rid of yellow and purple nutsedge along with other grasses like mustard, pigweed, radish, pokeweed, purslane, and fleabane. Although sedgehammer is reliable, you are less likely to see any visible results before 2-3 weeks of use. 

  • Safe to be used around shrubs and trees.
  • Will get rid of nutsedge and not harm turf grass. 
  • Kills nutsedge in both summer and winter seasons. 

2. Bonide Sedge Ender

Sedge ender is one of the most effective herbicides to be ever created. It can help you get rid of tough grasses like goosegrass, crabgrass and foxtail. Sedge ender uses Sulfentrazone as its active ingredient.

The active ingredient reaches underground and kills the weeds before they grow. Sedge ender will kill nutsedge without harming your grass. Sedge ender ensures you kill on contact. After 2 hours of applying sedge ender on your lawn, it dries up and becomes waterproof. 

Do not use sedge enders in your garden. Applying it to plants will cause serious damage to your plants since it was designed for lawns only. Below are the key features of Sedge Ender.

  • Kills on contact. 
  • Can be sprayed over a large area. 
  • Safe to be used on summer and winter lawns. 
  • Does not harm weeds on your lawn. 

What herbicide will kill nutsedge?

Tenacity turf herbicide will kill nutsedge. Tenacity is one of the best herbicides. Tenacity works as both pre and post-emergent herbicide. Tenacity will eliminate selective nutgrasses, including nutsedge but will not harm your lawn. 

Is tenacity better than roundup?

People often come to this conclusion about whether tenacity is better than roundup. And the answer is yes, tenacity is better than roundup. When it comes to dealing with nutgrass, herbicides are the best solution.

Tenacity herbicides will prevent weeds from growing from the start and will also get rid of the weeds that are present on your lawn.

How long does it take for the tenacity to kill the weeds?

Tenacity will kill all the weeds on your lawn within 2-3 weeks. Tenacity doesn’t work on contact since the company selected an active ingredient that will slowly eliminate weeds without harming your grass. You can find other effective weed controllers, but more chemicals will harm your plants. 


It is easy to deal with weeds once you know what works best against them. I would recommend tenacity over any other products. Tenacity will get rid of weeds and not harm your grass.

If you face difficulties using your lawnmower, it is mainly because of nutsedge and broadleaf. But not to worry as you can deal with them easily. 

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