Is cabbage a flower, A herb or stem? Answer Explained!

Are you a gardener?

Today’s article will give you an idea of ​​whether to cultivate cabbage in your garden today.

You probably know how beneficial vegetables are for health. Cabbage is also a nutritious vegetable but also an ornamental. The colors are as beautiful as the shape of a large flower.

Is cabbage a flower? No, it’s not a flower. Although it looks like a flower, it is a vegetable. However, people plant it in their gardens and verandas as an ornament.

In this garden gild guide we’ll discuss the following:

  • What is cabbage?
  • Is cabbage a herb?
  • Is flowering cabbage edible?
  • What is the difference between flowering kale and flowering cabbage?
  • How to collect cabbage seed?
  • FAQs
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What is cabbage?

Cabbage is a nutritious vegetable with low-calorie value. The scientific name of cabbage is Brassica Oleracea. You can find it in different colors such as leafy greens, purple, pale green, etc.

It is mainly a European vegetable. But today you can find it in every country. 

There are many kinds of cabbage available. The shape of the cabbage is fascinating. It’s as if something has been wrapped in leaves, just like a big rose.

Cabbage usually grows in well-drained soil where full sunlight is available. Though Different varieties prefer different types of soil on average, it prefers light acidic and fertile soil.

For optimal growth, the soil should have adequate nitrogen levels and adequate phosphorus and potassium.

Is cabbage a flower or stem?

Without flowers, of course, no plant can reproduce. Cabbage is no exception. Although it looks like a big flower, it is cultivated as a vegetable.

The inside of the cabbage has a twig-like part that is edible. Its roots lie beneath the ground and extend far and wide. Cabbage can be seen just above the ground as a stem. It is a small plant.

Hope you understand. If necessary, you can visit a cabbage field nearby. You will find it very pleasant

Is cabbage a herb?

The characteristic of the herb is that they do not provide wood. These will be small and will carry seeds. If you look closely at the cabbage, you will see that they are not shrubs, don’t provide wood, and carry seeds. It has no stems; even it is a small plant. So literally, it can be called cabbage is a herb.

Herbs can grow on the ground and also under the ground. So, some other plants like cabbage, such as cauliflower, ginger, potato, broccoli, etc., are also considered herbs.

Is flowering cabbage edible?

Yes, of course. Mature cabbage has a head that we usually eat. But its leaves can also be eaten. Similarly, flowering cabbage leaves also be eaten.

 flowering cabbage plant

I learned some great cabbage recipes from my friend and ate them myself as a salad at home. Since it has low-calorie content, I always try to include them in my diet.

Although the taste of flowering cabbage is very bitter, you can still eat it. However, as its color is very ornamental, cabbage is often used as a food garnish, which I also do sometimes.

What is the difference between flowering kale and flowering cabbage?

There is no significant difference between flowering kale & flowering cabbage. Both are of the same species and family. Just a little different from the outside. If you look at the flowering kale from the outside, you can see that the edges of the leaves are curled or ruffled.

On the other hand, you can see the waves on the edges of the cabbage leaves. This is the main difference between them.

However, breeders always cross between them to create new seedlings whose nutritional value and beauty will be better than before. If you are a flower gardener, you can also plant flowering kale or ornamental cabbage in the garden. It will enhance the beauty of your garden.

If you ever want to have it, you can pick it up from the garden and eat it as a salad or any vegetable recipe. 

However, let me say that both are different colors, such as pink, white, purple, saliva, etc. Both can be produced twice a year. However, there should be enough light, and only seedlings should be made.

How to collect cabbage seed? (with 5 step)

Like other plants cabbage, is pollinated. It also produces seeds. If you want to cultivate cabbage, you need to save seeds. Here are some ways you can save cabbage seeds.

Step 1: 

Cabbage plants should be replaced in early spring, and a distance of 2-3 feet should be maintained between each tree.

Step 2:

It will take some time for it to ripen. Until then, stalks will be made from seeds.

Step 3: 

After drying, remove the pods from the tree with your fingers and store them in a bowl.

Step 4: 

Now dry the seeds for 1-2 weeks.

Step 5:

In this way, you can store seeds for up to 5 years.

1. When Will Cabbage Make a Head?

The green cabbage may take about 71 days to make the head in the mild warm season. However, this time may be different for different species.

2. What is the type of ornamental cabbage?

The 8 types of ornamental cabbage are:

1. Color-Up Pink

2. Osaka Red

3. Condor

4. Pigeon Red

5. Rose Bouquet 

6. Pigeon White

7. Tokyo Pink

8. Tokyo Red

But there are also more varieties.

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In the end, I would say that cabbage is a great plant. It is also not very difficult to cultivate. So as well as enhancing the beauty of your garden, growing it can also improve your finances.

Now, if you have more questions, please let me know.

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