Do You Know Is A Cactus A Flower? (Answer Explained!)

Is a cactus a flower? No, the cactus is not a flower but a spiny plant that occasionally blossoms. Many plants of the Cactaceae family are flowering plants. Cactus flowers are very colorful and mostly odorless.

A cactus is a member of a plant family called Cactaceae. Around the world, there are about 1000 species of cactus present which makes them one of the largest species of plants. The name cactus came from the Latin word “Kaktos,” which means a spiny plant.

A spiny plant is a plant that is more of a spine that supports itself without any extended parts like barks, leaves, flowers, and fruits. A cactus is more of a desert plant because it can easily bear the harsh temperatures and climate of the desert and still make it to survive.

In this garden gild guide we’ll discuss the following:

  • Is Cactus a Flower, a Plant, or a Tree?
  • What kind of cactus blossom?
  • What do you call a cactus flower?
  • Why do cactuses have flowers?
  • Are the flowers on the cactus real?
Do You Know Is A Cactus A Flower

here is the brief answer to Is a Cactus a Flower, a Plant, or a Tree?

The most straightforward answer is that a cactus is a flowering plant. It is neither a flower nor a plant nor a tree, and there are many ways to prove this. 

We consider cacti as a flowering plants. This is mainly because there are species of cacti, the young cactus plant, which blossoms in season. For example, some cactus-like Parodia and Mammillaria species bloom relatively more straightforwardly by producing a colorful show. 

When describing the cactus as a plant, there are reasons to consider it a plant. The primary significant reasons are spine, stem, skin, and photosynthesis. 

#1- Spine

One thing that sets apart a cactus from other plants is its spine. The spine not only works as the exoskeleton of a cactus but also works as a protection from animals. The spine also works as insulation during dry seasons. 

#2- Stem

The steam of a cactus indeed has fantastic features. Unlike any other plant with red and dry stems, the stem of a cactus is juicy and soft. The branch also works best to store water for the plant. The spine of a cactus has numerous thorns as sharp as needles.

#3- Skin

The skin is another essential part of a cactus mainly because the skin works to prevent the cactus from losing too much water. It is said that some species of cactus have a slimy area on their skin. 

#4- Food production

Now comes the most peculiar part of a cactus plant. It is something that you have never heard of, which a plant can do. It is evident that every plant needs to make food for survival, and the cactus is no different from them.

A plant uses its leaves to make food, but what if it does not have any leaves?

A cactus does make food for its living, and it does this with its steam. Yes, you read it correctly a cactus uses its steam for photosynthesis. The cactus takes in carbon dioxide during the night, used during the daytime to make food. 

What kind of cactus blossom?

Since cactus is a flowering plant, you can be sure that it will bloom once in its lifespan, if not more. Instead, it is a trickier question since almost all cactus is a flowering plants.

There are some specific species of plants that can certainly bloom. They are Parodia, Gymnocalycium, and Mammillaria, even though every cactus is capable of blooming once it reaches maturity.

Whether the cactus will bloom or not entirely depends on the age of the plant and how well it has been taken care of. Typically a cactus plant can bloom between 1-10 years of lifespan, while some can bloom after 20-30 years.

And when a cactus blooms, it can certainly make anyone happy with its gorgeous and vibrant color.

Like any fruit tree, you take care of them, and ultimately, it gives you tasty and sweet fruits. The same goes for cacti. If you want your cacti plant to bloom, you need to take care of it.

You can ensure this by providing enough sunlight for your cacti plant. Bright sunlight is always best for most cacti plants in summers and less brightness during winter. 

What do you call a cactus flower?

There are still no names for the flower of a cactus plant. This is because there are different cactus species, thus making it difficult to name all these other flowers of different colors.

Instead, we recognize them as the name of the cactus plant, for example, spiny pincushion cactus, spider cactus, Mammillaria cactus, and many more. 

Why do cactuses have flowers?

Like any other flowering plant, the cactus also participates in reproduction. And the cacti are capable of reproducing sensually or asexually. 

Are the flowers on the cactus real?

Since cactus is a flowering plant, it does bloom and is 100 percent real. They will probably last for a few weeks and eventually die of drying or falling off. The most common time for the flower to grow is during summer or after spring.


Cactus is indeed a great flowering plant, and it can be any length from 1 cm to 19 cm. Thus making cactus or cacti a great indoor plant. If you love plants, having a cactus at your house is a must. 

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