Do moles eat armyworms: Are moles good for your yard?

Moles are the land’s inhabitants, and their diet consists of many insects and works. Armyworms fall under mole’s diet, and they will eat them happily. Since moles are land dwellers, they prefer food closest to them, like earthworms, larvae, and grub worms.

Moles are mammals and live under the ground. They have a higher sense of smell which can get them to their food and claws to dig under soil. 

Do moles eat armyworms

Do moles eat armyworms?

Yes, miles do eat armyworms. Armyworms are small larvae that move in swarms and will destroy your vegetation. Moles will feed on armyworms if they can track them. 

If you are someone trying to get rid of armyworms with the help of moles, don’t do it. Moles are not the best predators for armyworms. Moles will ruin your land by making holes and tunnels under it to move around. Moles also feed on vegetables, and you will most likely deal with moles afterward.

What does a mole eat?

A mole has a wide variety of bugs and insects on which they feed about 60 to 80 percent of their body weight daily. Moles need protein, and what can be a better source of protein than bugs and worms?

Moles will feed on insects and worms like grubs, earthworms, centipedes, armyworms, larvae, ants, snails, slugs, and spiders. Their diet consists of not only worms and insects but also vegetables. 

Do moles eat other animals?

Yes, moles do eat other animals. Animals like spiders, snails, slugs, earthworms, grubs, and ants are mole’s favorite food source. Moles will mostly feed on any small animals that live under the soil. Moles also have many predators, like foxes, hawks, owls, skunks, and raccoons.

What is the fastest way to get rid of moles in your yard?

Among many ways to get rid of moles in your yard, the most effective and fastest way is to use repellent. Moles attract many pests; if you remove them, they will have no reason to wander around your yard.

But it is not an easy task to do so. There can be different types of bugs under your lawn; each will require different methods to get rid of them. It will also be a time-consuming and hardworking process. So all you can do is use repellent, and moles won’t come near your yard. 

A great repellent for moles is castor oil. It will not kill the moles, but this oil’s smell will upset the digestive. When moles lose their appetite, they will have no reason to enter your lawn. To do so, all you need to do is mix castor oil with dish soap and spread it around the perimeters of your yard. 

What is a mole’s natural enemy?

Even though moles live underground, they have few natural predators. Animals like raccoons, skunks, owls, large birds, foxes, coyotes, weasels, dogs, and cats are the natural enemies of moles. Since moles are rarely seen above ground, they are likely to be safe from these predators. 

Are moles good for your yard?

Are moles good for your yard

No, moles are not good for your yard. Moles are best diggers and dig their way under the soil. If you let a mole freely roam around your lawn, it will fill your lawn with holes. These holes can be plugged, but there will be new holes daily.

Moles will look for food while digging under your soil. It will make your lawn unsuitable for vegetation and planting. There will be tunnels under your lawn and they can be hard to fix. If you have an infestation in your yard, moles can feed on those bugs. But the aftermath of having moles in your yard is devastating. 


Moles are fascinating creatures and probably the only mammal to survive under the soil. Baby moles are adorable but do not let this fool you.

Moles will destroy your yard, and it will be expensive to save your yard. If you want a beautiful yard, keep moles away. 

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