Does Malathion Kill Spider Mites? Everything You Need To Know

Among many other pests that harm your plants, spider mites are the most notorious and devastating one. Spider mites can not be considered pests since they are eight-legged arachnids similar to ticks and spiders.

Spider mites are tiny creatures that can be scaled 1/30 in size. The only way to recognize these creatures is by the webs that they use to wrap themselves in plants.

These pests from the family of arachnids have no antennas. Their body is divided into two sections which are the cephalothorax and abdomen. Although spider mites are troublesome, you can get rid of them.

I will tell you everything about spider mites in this article, so consider reading the full article.

Does Malathion Kill Spider Mites

How effective is Malathion in killing spider mites?

Yes, Malathion kills spider mites and aphids, trips, scales, mealybugs, whiteflies, and other bugs. Malathion is one of the best ways to get rid of spider mites.

Malathion is a man-made pesticide from the family known as organophosphates that people have used in the past to deal with mosquitoes and other pests. Malathion is safe for plants, shrubs, vegetables, and fruits.

There are different species of spider mites both indoors and outdoors. Since spider mites are found both indoors and outdoors, the way to treat them is also different. Spider mites come in different colors, like brown, red, yellow, and green. 

Even though you know what works on spider mites, it can be impossible to find them. Spider mites hide under your plants’ leaves while feeding on your plants’ tissues. A quick way to spot spider mites is to look for dark spots or spider webs under your plant’s leaves. 

What is the best miticide for spider mites?

The best miticides for spider mites are Hexagon, Avid and Floramite. These three miticides have been used by farmers for a long time which made us believe that they work best against spider mites.

But some cases have been found where farmers have reported spider mites showing resistance against miticides which I can’t entirely agree. Miticides are those that are made to kill species under the Arachnid family. It makes us believe that spider mites have no chance against miticides.

The best thing about miticides is they work on contact. Miticides are effective during every stage of spider mites, including eggs. 

How does Malathion kill insects?

Malathion is an artificial organophosphate that works best on mites, ticks, and other plants, destroying pests. You can use the insecticide indoors and outdoors.

Malathion kills insects by disrupting their nervous system from working correctly. When a healthy nerve system sends a signal, it travels to other nerves to convey the message to the brain.

When too many signals are passed at a time, an enzyme stops the signals from reaching the nerve. Malathion stops the enzyme, which makes the nerves get constant signals. The insects cannot move or breathe at some point and will eventually die. 

The mechanism is also true for other living beings like pets, children, and even you. With enough exposure to Malathion, a living being can experience the same fate as spider mites. Malathion becomes more toxic when it has been left unsealed and gets hot. 

How long does Malathion take to kill Spider mites?

How long does Malathion take to kill Spider mites

Malathion is so effective that it can kill spider mites within minutes. It is possible due to a high concentration of Malathion. Few products with higher concentrations of 50-57% Malathion have higher chances of killing more spider mites when applied.

It is broadly used over vast crop fields. It is important to have the correct gear to use Malathion, including a skid sprayer, pump sprayer, or backpack sprayer. 

People Also Ask (FAQ)

What kills spider mites instantly?

Rubbing alcohol kills spider mites instantly. Rubbing alcohol will kill spider mites by dehydrating them. All you need to do is take 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and mix it with 4 cups of water. Spray the mixture evenly over your plants and cover the stems, flowers, and fruits. 


Although Malathion is safe to treat spider mites, there are some drawbacks to it. Not all plants with spider mites can survive after using Malathion. It is not because the pesticide failed to do its job rather, the plant was too vulnerable for Malathion.

Plant species, including coleus, dieffenbachia, staghorn, maidenhair, ferns, and Bostons, are affected by Malathion. It is so dangerous that using Malathion to treat pests could damage your plants and even die.

Besides this, Malathion is super effective against spider mites, and I highly recommend trying it. 

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